White Daisy Pyrex


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All thrifters and lovers of vintage are obsessed with Pyrex.  I own a lot of new/not pretty, clear, rectangular Pyrex baking dishes.  I own no pretty, pastel, vintage Pyrex.  Anyone who thrifts and looks for it knows how hard it is to find.  I found some.  And I didn’t buy it.

Super non-buyers remorse.

I found this White Daisy Pyrex casserole at a GW in Boston for $3.99.  How adorable is it??  It’s technical name is White Daisy, although it’s commonly known as Pink Daisy for obvious reasons.

vintage pink daisy pyrex dish vintage pink daisy pyrex dish vintage pink daisy pyrex dish vintage pink daisy pyrex dish

The crappy pictures are thanks to my phone.  It was missing its lid so that made me decide to pass it up.  I can’t stop thinking about it though, and I’m headed in that direction anyway today so if it’s still there I will definitely snatch it up.

SHOE HAUL! and some other stuff.


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Ladiessss we all love a good shoe haul.  I scored huge at the Goodwill on Harrison Ave. 4 pairs of gorgeous shoes all in my size.  Someone with great taste must have donated them all because that never ever happens.  Lets cut the chatter and go straight to shoe pics.

Dolce Vita ‘Madison’ Platform Pumps, my price: $9.99, retail price $160

Dolce Vita Madison Pumps

Dolce Vita Madison PumpsDolce Vita Madison Pumps


Enzo Angiolini ‘Rachey’ Bootie, my price $9.99, retail price $120

Enzo Angiolini Kacey Booties Enzo Angiolini Kacey Booties Enzo Angiolini Kacey Booties

Ann Taylor Sandle Heels, my price $9.99, retail price probably $118

Ann Taylor Stacked Heel Sandals Ann Taylor Stacked Heel Sandals

Tecnica Karin TCY Shoes, my price $7.99, retail price probably $230 (their sister the Boot retails for $290-300)

Tecnica Karin TCY ShoesTecnica Karin TCY Shoes

J Crew Nico Skirt, my price $2.50 (half off!), retail price $60

J Crew Nico Skirt

Adidas Shorts, my price $4.99, retail price probably $30

Adidas Shorts

I’m really excited about everything that I found!  The shoes are actually in excellent condition, which is very lucky.  I’ve been wanting a pair of booties for so long now but just couldn’t bring myself to buy them retail (obviously..this is me).

Anyway, additionally my life has been plugging along.  Winter in Boston seems like it will never end; one day we will have 50 degree weather and the next day we end up with a snowday.  Sigh.  Still, I pretended it’s spring so that I can do some chalkboard art.  I really want to know how some people get so good at it…

spring chalkboard art

The Boyfriend is still very busy with his Master’s program, but it couldn’t be going better so neither of us can complain.  And that’s all of our updates!

Thrift Shop by Macklemore


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Most of you have probably heard Thrift Shop by Macklemore.  As soon as it came out, everyone was asking me if I’d heard it.  I hadn’t.  It’s become insanely popular and I even heard it on the radio the other day at Goodwill.  I finally listened to it the other day to see what all the hype was about.

Ok so yeah it’s sort of good.  It’s kind of clever.  It’s relatively funny.

But I think it’s probably really only entertaining for the non-thrifter or the occasional thrifter.  For the die hard thrifters, or at least for me, it’s just sort of silly.  He wrote a song about something that is a normal part of our lives.  It’s like writing a song about going to the grocery store or doing your laundry or brushing your teeth…?

Walk into the grocery store 
Brought my own bags, ready for war
I’m gonna get those deals
Rocking my cart like an automobile
Watch out I’ll snag your stuff
Gimme your on-sale marshmallow fluff

Meh, ok so that’s why I’m not a rapper.  But yeah you get the point.

So anyway, props to him for supporting thrifting I suppose, but let it be known that I started thrifting before Macklemore said it was cool.

Listen here: Thrift Shop by Macklemore

Plant update!


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My seeds, for the most part, are growing great!

Growing greens indoors

The mixed green especially are really thriving.  They’ve shot up a lot of their ‘real’ leaves, not just the baby ones they start out with.

Mixed greens

mixed greens

The morning glories are also growing in great.  Although they’re all so great I don’t want to thin any of them…

morning glory seedlings

The arugula is having a struggle.  Not really sure what’s the deal, any tips?

Arugula seedlings


Oh, and FYI these are the seeds I used in case anyone is curious

Seed packs

How to Grow Seeds Indoors


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Over the summer The Boyfriend and my mom met up in Boston to find us an apartment.  They spent days in an incredibly stressful and competitive situation and ended up finding us an amazing apartment.  It has three huge windows in the living room with gorgeous sun every morning.  I thought, why not take advantage of this?  When I was a kid I was obsessed with growing seeds and plants, so I did some research on growing lettuce greens indoors during the winter.

How to plant green indoors

Turns out it couldn’t be easier!  Here’s what you need:

Plastic containers from takeout, lettuce greens, etc.
Seeds, I am growing arugula and mesclun mix
Soil, I bought Black Gold soil on Amazon
Sunlight and water

All you have to do is put about three to four inches of soil in the containers.

how to plant greens indoors

Add some water and make sure the soil is moist before you plant the seeds.

Follow the instructions on your seed packets, but for mine I just sprinkled them over the soil and then put a very thin layer of soil on top (about 1/4 inch).  The great thing about the containers is that you can close the lid (if it doesn’t have a label on it) and use it like a greenhouse.

Water very lightly again and watch your seeds sprout in just a few days!!!

My baby seeds! Mesclun mix seedlings


I can’t wait till I can start eating mine.  I read that after a few weeks you can literally take scissors and give your lettuce a haircut and then let it keep growing! YUM!

how to plant greens indoors

DIY Skinny Jeans From Flared Jeans, Step by Step Instructions (with pictures)


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Anyone who tries to find cute pants at thrift stores knows that it can be pretty hard.  Usually you find a lot of mom jeans, bell bottoms, or very yuck tapered leg pants.  Luckily it’s very easy to turn those pants into skinny leg pants!  Also, if you have short legs like mine, it’s difficult to find pants that are the proper length.  I hate the way new hems look, so this is also a tutorial for how to shorten pants using the original hem.

Welcome to your ‘how to skinnify and shorten thirft store pants’ tutorial!

I found these J Crew flared corduroy pants the last time I went thrifting.  The flare was just awkward and I wear boots a lot in the winter, so they’re perfect for skinnifying!

You will need: scissors, measuring tape, pins, marker/pen, sewing machine, and a mirror is helpful.

Turn flare pants into skinny pants

How To Make Pants Skinny

Step 1 – Try on the pants inside out

Turn flare pants into skinny pants

Step 2 – Pin the legs down close to your body.  It’s important to make sure you aren’t starting to twist the seam around your leg…keep the seam running down the side of your leg.

Turn flare pants into skinny pants

Step 3 – Carefully take the pants off.  Take a marker and mark down along the line of pins.

Turn flare pants into skinny pants

Turn flare pants into skinny pants

Step 4 – Remove the pins that are running down the pants and very carefully smooth out the fabric.  Make sure that there aren’t any wrinkles or bunches.  Then reinsert the pins running the other direction so that you can sew over them.

Turn flare pants into skinny pants

Step 5 – Sew along the line.  There’s no need to take the pins out since you turned them horizontally (although I did break two).  I started from the end of the leg and sewed up but you could do either way.  Regardless, in order to avoid a bulge where you start/end (end in my case) sewing, you need to ease your seam into the existing seam so make one smooth and fluid line that gradually blends right into the other.  Then sew back and forth a few times to make sure it’s secure. (These pictures show after I’ve trimmed the excess)

diy skinnies from flares

blending the new seam with the original seam

Try them on and make adjustments as needed.  For me, I made the ankle part too thin (my pants don’t have any stretch to them) so my feet couldn’t get in.  I ripped the seams out and made them about an inch wider starting about six inches from the end.

Turn flare pants into skinny pants

Step 6 – Trim the excess fabric, leaving about 1/2 inch.  Done!

Turn Flared Pants into Skinny Leg

How to Shorten Pants Using the Original Hem

Step 1 –  Try the pants on right side out.

Turn flare pants into skinny pants

Step 2 – Cuff the bottom of the pants (on the left) so that when you fold down the hem (on the right), it’s where you want the pants to fall.

Turn flare pants into skinny pants

Step 3 – Take off the pants and measure the length of the cuff you made from the bottom of the cuff to the bottom of the original hem.  Measure and pin all the way around the opening to make sure it’s even.  Also, make sure you’re pinning RIGHT under the original hem.  I shortened mine by 1.5 inches.

Turn flare pants into skinny pants

Step 4 – Sew right below the original hem.  I would suggest doing a double hem.  Make sure that you fold open the side seam so that it lays flat and you don’t end up with a big bunch.

Turn flare pants into skinny pants

Step 5 – Fold down the original hem and try on!  Trim some off the excess and enjoy!

Turn flare pants into skinny pants

How To Shorten Pants Using the Original Hem

Thrift Haul!


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I haven’t been thrifting in so long it’s disgraceful.  I think the last time I went was in December during Christmas!  I have this week off so I decided to go to my favorite Boston Goodwill on Huntington Ave.

I have to preface this post with the fact that I consider myself to be really really good at finding the items I find online (wish I could put that on my resume).  It takes some searching but I can almost always find the exact item to know how much it retailed for.  I could barely find anything from this haul online, so almost every price is from a similar item.

I went to the Outlet first and didn’t find much, but I did pick up a brand new Banana Republic sweater with the tags still attached.  I got it for $1.75 and it probably retails for $70.

Banana Republic Sweater

As well as a super random LSAT test that I decided to buy just for kicks.  The Boyfriend actually started doing it until he realized there wasn’t an answer key with it.

Then I went to the actual store where I met a very nice lady named Natasha and we chatted in Russian for a bit.  Here are the things I found:

Michael Kors Tunic, my price $4.99, retail price (probably) $80-$100

Michael Kors Tunic

Michael Kors Tunic

Banana Republic Top, my price $4.99, retail price $60

Banana Republic Top

Banana Republic Top

Maeve (Anthropologie) Gathered Together dress, my price $6.99, retail price $118
This dress is actually a size 0, which I am not.  If you would like to exchange something for it I would be totally open to that!

Maeve Dress

Maeve Dress

J Crew Favorite Fit Boot Cut Cords, my price $5.99, retail price $90
These are going to become skinnys in my next DIY tutorial!

J Crew Cords

J Crew Top, my price $4.99, retail price $50
Isn’t that tie so adorable and unique?

J Crew Top

J Crew TopJ Crew Top

Cynthia Rowley Linen Dress, my price $6.99, retail price $100

Cynthia Rowley Linen DressCynthia Rowley Linen DressCynthia Rowley Linen Dress

Diane von Furstenberg Courtney Top, my price $4.99, retail price $198
It has a slight rip in the back. Guess what, IDGAF it’s DVF.

Diane von FurstenbergDiane von Furstenberg

J Crew Linen Top, my price $4.99, retail price $80

J Crew Linen ShirtJ Crew Linen Shirt

Rock and Republic Blazer, my price $6.99, retail price $80

Rock & Republic BlazerRock & Republic BlazerRock & Republic Blazer

Mossimo Top, my price $4.99, retail price $20 (for bumming around)

Mossimo Top

My total price: $58.75
Total retail price: $946
Percent savings: 93.7%

It feels so good to be thrifting again!!!!!

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How to Alter a Thrift Store Blazer


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I suck. I know.  I haven’t written in a month or so and I feel terrible.  It’s been a combination of me being sick, busy, and feeling less than creative.  It’s not that plenty hasn’t happened in my life but honestly who wants to sit and read a blog about my life?


Those of you in the northeast have also been hit by Nemo.


And I took my day off from work (I work at a school so I still get snowdays!) to do a small project to put up here.

A long time ago I bought this blazer at a Goodwill in Vermont.  I honestly don’t even remember how much it was, but probably around $6.  I wouldn’t necessarily call it vintage, but it’s not a current style.  I can’t really find it online.  It’s a wool and spandex blend (strange?) and it has funny purple stitching on the inside.  If I had to guess I would say it retails for at least $100.

How to Alter a Thrift Store Blzer

I bought it in a size 10 although I wear a 6 or an 8.  Since I’m, well, larger in the bust, buying things larger and tailoring them down in the arms and waist is what I’m supposed to do, but never do.  After owning this blazer for a few years I decided to take on the project!

What You’ll Need

Measuring tape
Fabric pencil (or honestly, any pencil or pen)
Sewing machine



1. Measure

Turn the blazer inside out and measure it against a blazer that fits you well with your pencil.  OR put it on inside out and pin it while on your body.  This is the most important step (besides pinning) and you should take your time here.  I’ve ruined too many projects by eyeballing.  Don’t only lay your blazer on top of the other and mark! You should measure the width of your marks and the width of the actual jacket to make sure it’s right.

2. Pin


How to Alter a Thrift Store Blazer

3. Sew

I almost feel like an idiot for posting this because it’s so easy.  I started with the sleeves and then sewed the body.  I sewed them separately to give it more strength.

4. Try on

I bet it looks great!

5. Finishing touches

If you’re satisfied, you can cut your extra fabric off, serge, and iron the seam open so it lies flat.

I could possibly take

mine in a little more, but I’m quite satisfied with it!  The change is subtle but I think it makes a huge difference. You can really see it in the side view. I look like hell so I’m not showing it with an outfit.  I will later, though!

How to Alter a Thrift Store Blazer

before and after side










Can you wear clothes from thrift stores? Yes!


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One of the most frequent questions I get asked is, is it safe/ok/gross/not gross/ to buy things from a thrift store?  I’m going to leave you with a few thoughts that will hopefully ease any anxieties or misunderstandings.

1. Think about when you’ve donated to a thrift store.  Did you pull your dirty clothes out of your hamper and decide to donate them?  Probably not!  Most likely you decided it was time to clean out your closet and sorted out what you wanted to donate.  I would say the majority of people do it this way.

2.  A lot of the clothing that ends up at Goodwill and other stores is clean in the first place, but the employees do an amazing job of then sorting out anything that’s truly dirty.

3. If you’re grossed out by wearing clothes that someone else has worn, just remember that a ton of people before you tried on the same dress you’re trying on in a mall!  Maybe someone even owned it and returned it!  Oh, and you can always wash it.

4.  If you feel that it’s beneath you to wear used clothing, don’t think of it in terms of money.  Remember that you’re helping the environment out by recycling clothing!  About 13 million tons of ‘textiles’ (so clothing, curtains, etc.) were thrown away in 2010, but essentially 100% of that can be recycled in one way or another.  Or do think about it in terms of money.  In 2004, ‘used merchandise stores’ employed almost 130,000 people…which is totally awesome.

If these aren’t enough to get you to start thrifting…I guess you’re leaving more for the rest of us!