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I hate the word ‘splurge’.  I HATE the word ‘splurge’!!!  I want each and every one of you to eradicate it from your vocabulary.  Here is the definition of the dreaded word:

Splurge – “To spend money freely or extravagantly”

So why do I hate this word?  Well, the definition really says it all; ‘extravagantly’ implies that you are being careless or thoughtless with your spending.  It makes you feel guilty for buying something that costs more than you would normally spend.  While I completely and fully believe in Goodwill shopping, there are times when you may spend more than you typically do on a piece of clothing…and it’s okay.

So! Instead of using the word ‘splurge’, I have substituted in the word ‘invest’ into my vocabulary.  Here is the definition:

Invest“To buy something whose usefulness will repay the cost”

This is a much better term to use when talking about spending a higher amount on a garment. When you invest in an item, you are adding it to your wardrobe with the knowledge that it will give your wardrobe a better foundation, you’ll have it for a long time, and it’s not likely to go out of style.  Also, you need to realize that you are not just investing in clothing, but in your image.
Can’t you see how the terms are pretty interchangeable?

“Should I splurge on this leather jacket? It would look great with a dress or with jeans!”
“Should I invest in this leather jacket?  It would look great with a dress or with jeans!”

When you’re shopping on a budget, it’s important to know what to spend money on and what to avoid.

What you should (may, could) invest in

  • A great jacket or blazer
  • A classic dress
  • An excellent winter coat
  • A timeless suit
  • Great bras (essential!)

What you should not invest in

  • Anything super trendy
  • Anything that does not fit perfectly (besides simple tailoring)
  • Anything that is not versatile, functional, or practical
  • T-shirts and tank tops
  • Flip flops

If you do find these investment pieces at a thrift store, you should absolutely buy them. It is possible that you may find your wardrobe is lacking in these high quality, timeless, and versatile items.  In that case, they are worth the investment.