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Today’s nifty thrifty lesson:

“How to Shop”

Ok, so I think I jumped the gun a little with the lesson on jeans.  First you have to know how to shop.  So, here we go.

Basically it takes patience.  A whole buttload of patience.  I can spend hours in a store and come out with one item, or nothing.  You have to be able to sift through shit in order to find some gold, but when you do it makes it all worth it.  It’s true that the racks can be overwhelming when you look at them…a sea of embroidered denim, christmas sweaters, and shoulder padded blazers.  BUT! That’s not all that’s in there.

Since there really is sooo much clothing at Goodwill, some people like to go in looking for something specific.  I find that this can lead to pulling out your hair disappointment and frustration.  I prefer to go in with an open mind and let the gods of Goodwill rain their presents on me.  Or end up with an adorable sundress.

Just pick a rack that you want to start with, say, the button down shirt section.  I usually flip through each shirt and when a fabric, color, style, or brand catches my eye I check it out.  When you’re done with a rack, move on.  Getting bored?  Go to the furniture section and laugh at the old TVs and funny trinkets.  If you’re remotely interested in a piece of clothing, try it on.  It’s not unusual to bring twenty or thirty things to the dressing room.  And, since it is Goodwill, it’s imperative that you try. things. on.  Obviously this can take a while but I find it goes quickly and can be really fun if you go with friends. I’m gonna give a special shout out to my friend Jenny who is always begging me to take her Goodwill shopping.

Armed with this information, go forth and conquer!  Oh, and let me know if you find anything great.