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Ok, he didn’t exactly make that much since he decided to keep it, but listen to this amazing story: Tony D’Amico was shopping at a Goodwill in North Carolina.  He was flipping through the art section when he found a beautiful seascape painting.  After checking it thoroughly (just like I tell you guys to do with clothing…) Tony found a signature and a number, so he googled them.  He found out that the painting is an original by Uwe Warner, a famous seascape painter, who informed this lucky shopper that the painting was worth probably $1,600.


This is what I’m talking about, people!  It takes patience and dedication, but you will find the most amazing things at Goodwill.  In one of my favorite magazines, Flea Market Style, I read another story of a woman who bought a little box covered in seashells for a few bucks, only to find out that it’s worth about $400.

Go forth and conquer.  Oh, and share any amazing stories you have below!