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Today’s nifty thrifty lesson:

“Designer Brands”

Since the average person isn’t donning themselves casually with designer brands on a daily basis, I think that people are often uneducated on them.  This is a quick follow up lesson to the lesson on brands from last week.

Designer clothing is incredibly expensive, but also tends to have incredible attention to detail.  The fabrics are high quality, the stitching in impeccable, and the fit sets the clothing apart from non-designer clothes.  You probably won’t find designer items at your Goodwill on a daily basis, but now and then you will come across them so it’s important to be able to recognize them.

Betsy Johnson
Brooks Brothers
Dolce & Gabbana
Donna Karen
Diane von Furstenburg
Lilly Pulitzer
Marc Jacobs
Michael Kors
Oscar de la Renta
Vera Wang

Louis Vuitton
Yves St. Laurent

Kate Spade
Yves St. Laurent
Christian Louboutin
Jimmy Choo
Stuart Weitzman

Tory Burch
(any of the other designers already listed, basically)

So, is it likely you’ll find these designers floating around your local Goodwill?  No.  But it’s also not impossible.  One of my favorite finds is an Oscar de la Renta blazer that I scored at the Goodwill in Pasadena for $5.   Here is a picture of me wearing it →

One last tip: many designers, noting the demand for their products at lower prices, have lines that are cheaper for the general public (called diffusion lines).  Examples are MARC by Marc Jacobs, Versace for H&M, and Simply Vera by Vera Wang at Kohl’s.  If you find these at a Goodwill they are still a great purchase, but be aware that their not the haute-couture you may think they are, aka you could find them at Target.

Okay, one last last tip: DON’T BUY IT JUST BECAUSE IT’S DESIGNER!  Make sure you like it and will wear it.  They don’t want to admit it, but some designer stuff is totally hideous.  For example, my mom recently bought an Oscar de la Renta dress online for next to nothing.  Turns out it was really unflattering, even though it was designer.  She put it back up for sale, and would have been better off with a cheaper dress from a Target brand.  So, just because that Dolce & Gabbana jacket is sitting there with a $7.99 price tag doesn’t mean you must buy it.