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Ok guys, I just went shopping at the Goodwill in Burlington, VT and found some really awesome stuff!  I’m having a total clothing orgasm right now.  The store is in a pretty new building and is really large, which is nice because the racks are widely spaced so you’re not constantly running into other shoppers.  It also has some of the nicest changing rooms I’ve seen in a Goodwill.  If you live in the area I’d highly recommend it.

My mom was actually the first one to make a find.  After 30 seconds of flipping through dresses she pulled out a really pretty polyester/cotton blend dress in a deep plum color from H&M.  And, the tag on sale today was red soooo…..the dress was half off at only $2.50!!!! Amazing!!!

My next find was in the jacket section.  I have a little obsession with blazers and Goodwills are always full of them.  I found the cutest black blazer from Ann Taylor LOFT, and amazingly it was a petite (signified by a little P next to the size number).  Such a find for $7.99.  It’s definitely a good addition to my wardrobe because I can wear it with jeans or over a nice dress, and I’ve been looking for one for a long time!

I tried on a few more items including a grey cashmere sweater from Banana Republic and some really nice brown trousers from Express. Unfortunately, the fit wasn’t great so I passed on these items.

I strongly stuggest checking out the shoe sections at Goodwills.  I have a huge obsession with vintage shoes, and the racks are frequently full of them.  Unfortunately I’ve worn out my two favorite pairs, but never fear! They’re at the cobbler getting repaired as we speak (always be aware of where a cobbler is around you! they’re frequently also leather workers so they can repair almost anything).  So, this trip I found some really cute/silly yellow ankle-high rain boots from Lands End for $3.99.  I’m obsessed.  They’ll be adorable to wear to class when the occasional rain happens in LA.

My guess is that all three items would retail for $30 each (or so) meaning that I got about $90 worth of merch for only $14.48.  Helllllll yeahhhhh!!!! I’m totally going to wear the blazer to work tomorrow.

Oh, while I was there I found a super amazing blazer by Luxe.  It was brand new with the tags still attached so I could see how much it retailed for…..drum roll……..$198!!!!!!  Wow.  Too bad it was a few sizes too big otherwise I totally would have snatched that up for $7.99.  The picture doesn’t really do it justice but you can see the tag, I’m not lying!

I hope this inspires you guys to go out and do some treasure hunting at your local Goodwill!  I wasn’t even there that long…probably an hour. Share any great finds below!