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I’ve been thropping (thrift shopping) for about 7 years now, so I really know the ins and outs and have my own set of rules.  Some of these I’ve shared with you guys…try stuff on, always check for problems with the clothing, etc.  One of the most important rules is, if it doesn’t fit, don’t buy it (unless it 100% can be tailored and you will follow through with that) and I recently broke this rule by buying a really cute dress at the Goodwill in Eagle Rock, CA that just doesn’t quite fit.

The dress that will never work

I tried it on several times in the dressing room trying to convince myself I could figure out how to work it into an outfit and ended up buying it.  Though adorable, the dress is an awkward length; it’s long enough that I could wear it maybe, but it’s short enough that I’m quite self conscious that my butt is gonna be exposed to the world.  Unfortunately it sits in my closet and has never been worn, even though I occasionally put it on in an attempt to put an outfit together.  Most likely it will end up back at Goodwill and hopefully someone else can wear it.  This just goes to show that the rules really are important and keep you from making wasteful choices.

Of course, people who like to sew/design/alter clothing will pick up stuff at Goodwill just so they can do that…but if you’re planning on wearing the clothes you get there as is, it’s better to get the ones that fit properly.