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So a while ago I did a bit about the words splurge and invest (feel free to read it here) and today I invested in a dress.  Ok, so ‘invest’ is actually relative because how much qualifies as an investment depends on you alone.  For me, I really don’t ever spend more than $20 on an article of clothing.  Anything above about $12 is an investment for me and I make sure that the purchase is really worth it.  Therefore, I most likely would never buy a t-shirt of some sort for more than $10 (realistically probably not more than $5) but a great dress or jeans is worth the money.

SO! I went shopping with two lovely ladies a few days ago at Plato’s Closet.  Several of you have mentioned that you find PC to be too young and that it’s difficult to find anything.  I would probably agree with you.  They tend to cater to the high school age shopper, but if you really search you can find some great clothing.  You might only find one thing to even try on (like me on this particular trip), so you have to decide if it’s worth it for you.

Back to the dress…I only found one thing I wanted to try on, which was a beautiful dress from H&M for $16.  I tried it on, fell in love, and then had the terrible decision to make…is it worth it?  After having a quick fight with myself, I determined that yes, it was worth it and invested in it. The dress is great because I’ll be able to wear it to all kinds of events.  In fact, Goodwill NY and NJ recently did a piece about the cost per wear of the clothes you buy.  I recommend checking it out.  Anyway, anyone else have a maximum amount they don’t like to go over? Let me know below!