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I wish I could take credit for this because it’s so adorable, but alas, I cannot.  I found it on the blog Middle Class White Girl, who in turn found it from A Beautiful Mess.  It’s so wonderfully simple (and cheap!) that I’m considering making them for everyone I know’s birthdays.  I made this one for my friend Jenny who’s day of birth is Tuesday (happy bday Jenny!).  Basically you find a painting, put sticky letters down in a phrase or lyrics that you like, cover the painting with paint, and then peel the letters off when it’s dry.  I found this painting at Goodwill for $5.99 and the letters at a hardware store for about $4.  I used a cream paint that I bought at the oops section of Home Depot for $1.  And the lyrics are from a Neutral Milk Hotel song.  Here are the steps in photos…sorry about the poor quality.

1. Find a painting

2. Buy sticky letters

3. Place sticky letters on painting

4. Cover with paint

5. Peel off letters when paint dries

Finished product!

So that’s it!  It’s not perfect because the paint bled under the letters a bit…I scraped most of it off with a knife but it left some of the letters without crisp edges.  It’s ok though, because I kind of like that look.  Also, W’s are really hard to place.  Just a word of advice. I think I might touch up the edges a bit but we’ll see.  Let me know if you try this project!

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