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I just did a post about finding your size at Goodwill and other thrift stores.  I got a lot of really great tips in the comments section and I just want to post them here so that people see them.  Thanks for all the tips that the readers submitted and if you have more, feel free to post them below!

Vintage Sizing: Emily from http://thingstotendto.wordpress.com/ writes, “another tip is that vintage sizing is much smaller than current sizing (designers have adjusted for our american widening girth!)… i wear a size 6-10 in newer clothing, but more like a 10-14 in vintage, so i always check all the racks if I’ve got the time!”

Try On Every Size: Mara from http://maranwetelrunya.wordpress.com/ says, “So I generally don’t even pay attention to sizing– I pay attention to the cut and whether I like the print. If I like those two things, in the cart it goes! And if it doesn’t fit, oh well. On to the next thing!
And it also depends on the garment– I always look through EVERY size of dress, from extra small to extra large, because I’ve found larges that work on me, due to a wrap or a sash, and extra smalls that were cut bigger and fit perfectly. (And I’m definitely not an extra small.)”

Bring a Tape Measure: phantommatress from http://phantommattress.wordpress.com/ gives the tip, “It never hurts to carry a little tape measure with you. If you know what kind of waist and inseam you need, you’re in business. Quite a few thrift stores will have a yard stick taped on a rack so you can measure what you find. Failing that, you could take a pair of known-brand pants and hold them up to pants you do want.”

The Neck Trick: given by Renee, “Another handy tip to make trying on at thrift stores easier. The Neck Trick. Take the waistband of the pants or skirt or shorts you’re interested in. Wrap that around your neck. If it “fits” the garment is more likely to work for you. If you can’t wrap it around, too small. If there’s “too much” extra, it’s going to be too big. You have to practice at this to get a better idea of what your range of “fits” will be. But it sure does help narrow down the stack of things to haul to the dressing room.”