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I have done a few posts featuring items I’ve found at thrift stores, specifically Goodwill. Recently, quite a few girls have come up to me wearing their own finds and totally excited to show them off.  I’m sure you’re all dying to see more of me sick of my face, so I’m super happy to give you this post featuring three other amazing shoppers.  I hope they inspire you to get your thrifting butt in gear!  All of their outfits (which just so happen to be dresses) were found at different GWs on the west coast. Enjoy :)

Item: Dress by London Times
Her price: $8
Retail price: approximately $60
Found at: Glendale Goodwill in CA


Item: Dress by I.C.E.
Her price: $8
Retail price: approximately $50
Found at: Eagle Rock Goodwill in CA


Item: Dress by J. Crew, vintage belt
Her price: $8
Retail price: $150
Found at: Goodwill in Oregon

I think that one of the great parts about this is that you can see how you can really develop your own style.  These ladies are all very different from one another and you can see that reflected in the styles they found.  I love that you can create a unique look by shopping at GW and other thrift stores.  There’s nothing worse than walking around and seeing that you and a million other people have the same dress!  That’s highly unlikely to happen when thrifting.

So there you have it!  I’m not the only one finding awesome stuff at GW…and I think these three totally rocked it.