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My thrifting forte is clothing, but sometimes I like to get a little crafty too.  I already showed you the amazing lyrics art project with old Goodwill paintings, and now I have a new project: DIY side table!

The boyfriend and I recently rearranged our bed so we were in need of a second bed side table.  I’m currently sick with bronchitis and was going crazy sitting in the house with nothing to do, so I gave myself a little project to keep myself occupied.  I went to GW and bought this super cute table for $9.99 (don’t you love how everything at Goodwill is $something.99? Why can’t they just charge me the extra penny and make it all even numbers?)  As I said, clothing is my thing and I unfortunately know next to nothing about furniture.  This table was pretty heavy, had really nice details, and in OK condition…but that’s the extent of what I know about it. I’m hoping that I didn’t paint over a $400 vintage find, but oh well!

Just so you know, I really like the rough-finish look so I didn’t sand/clean/whatever the table, I just slapped the paint right on.  If you want to be better about it, do whatever it is you’re supposed to do.  Not that I know what that is.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Set up your area.  I recommend doing it outside and putting some newspaper down.

2. Slap on the paint!  I got this paint from the ‘oops’ section at Home Depot for a dollar.  Can you believe someone didn’t want this color??

3. Let it dry and add a second coat. Or third, fourth, etc.

4. Let this dry and then glue the desired paper down that you want.  You can also use fabric.  I bought this craft/scrapbooking paper from Target for 99 cents for a bunch of sheets.

VIOLA! You’re done!  It’s a pretty easy project.  My only suggestion would be to get paper that’s big enough…mine was in sheets of 12×12 in. so I had to do some cutting and pasting to make it work (as you can see), but it’s fine.  It’s up to you how perfect you want it to look.

Sooooo to recap: