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So I’ve fully incorporated the sweet blue table from last week into our apartment.  The Boyfriend gets it on ‘his side’ of the bed.  I always told myself I wouldn’t be one of those couples that has A Side Of The Bed.  But we seem to do that and, it’s comfortable.

I went a little crazy using the Instagram app on my super old school cool iPhone 3GS, enjoy them!

Additionally, I’ve done another lyrics art project for which I did a how-to for a couple weeks ago.  The new blog layout I’m using (I accidentally just wrote ‘suing’ there…Freudian slip?) boggled the spacing with the pictures so I’ll have to fix that soon, sorry!  The lyrics are from a Wilco song, and the paint was also in the oops! section at Home Depot for $1.  I got this painting with the frame at GW for $2.99. It was 50% off (woo!).  However, I’m always terrified I’m covering up some precious, priceless art when I do this project.  I’ll have to start researching the artist whenever it’s signed…

I think the twinkly lights look so sweet next to it.

For the past year or so I’ve been collecting all the bottle caps from beers we drink.  That sounds like we’re total alcoholics but they’re not like, Bud Light or something.  The Boyfriend and I really like to try different microbrews and other artisan type beers.  I used to be one of those girls that couldn’t tell the difference between Natty Light and a nice IPA.  Now I’m a total spoiled brat and can’t drink anything else.  Anyway, the bottle caps are like little pieces of art so I’ve been saving them for a future project…only I couldn’t think of anything!  Finally, after a year of collecting, I came up with a project.  I bought a heavy glass pitcher at Goodwill for a dollar or two and hot glued all the bottle caps to the outside of it in a circular pattern.  I love the way it turned out and it’s really fun to use. Although heavy!  It was such an easy DIY and I finally got those piles of bottle caps out of the apartment.

The Boyfriend in the background playing video games.  per usual.

Annddddd one last thing, although this has nothing to do with thrifting I’m going to share it anyway since this post is all about being crafty.  I made these teeny tiny (shot) glasses in my ceramics class.  I’m so proud of them and they’re up on my window sill.

Have you done any DIY projects or anything crafty recently?  If so, link to your blog!  I’d love to see them.