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Don’t be slutty this Halloween.  Please.  I’m begging you.  I am so sick and tired of us women degrading ourselves on this day by dressing up as slutty anything-slutty municipal workers, slutty insects, slutty Disney princesses.


It’s so much more awesome when I see a girl with a really great Halloween costume she clearly put effort into.  Did I fall into the sexy Halloween trap ever?  Yeah, I was a sexy something one time for Halloween.  But come on, it’s so much funnier and awesome-er and respectful-er when you don’t go the boobs-hanging-out route.

The other day I went to a party that was Beach Themed.  Yeah, you can imagine what might happen at a beach themed party.  I was happy to see that most of the girls weren’t there in their bikinis.  I went in a wet suit.  Get it?  Beach…wetsuit…I got this one at Goodwill.  It was $14.99 on sale for $7.99.  I was so stoked to find it. (and yes, I’m over 21)

Just like in Mean Girls when Cady went as an ‘ex-wife’.  It was awesome!

I mean, do you have to go as this?

Could you go as this?

Oh, and just try to search ‘doctor halloween costume’ and find a woman.

Anyway, this is sort of a rant.  But I just want you to put a little effort in this year.  And guess what? Goodwill is a great place to find your costume this year.  At a Halloween store the costumes cost around $60.  At GW?  Probably your entire costume will cost less than $10.  Many have sections of their stores that they dedicated to Halloween, and they’re open now!

Having trouble figuring out what to be that’s not super sexy?

Think about the slutty costumes you see. And then.  Don’t make it slutty.  It’s as simple as that.  Here are some more ideas-

Oscar the Grouch
Dumb and Dumb-er in their brightly colored suits
Green Man! (my idea for this year.  You can copy me.)
Thing 1 and Thing 2
Buddy the Elf
Where’s Waldo
A banana
The Smurfs
Austen Powers/Dr. Evil
Eggs and Bacon
A gorilla
The pope
Green army (wo)-man
The Geico gecko
6 Flags dancing man
A notorious professor from your school-for my school it would be Dr. O who wears his lab coat and a football helmet when he rides his bike

I know the spooky holiday is still a few weeks away, but you should start thinking about it now…I hope some of these ideas inspire you!