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Since I wrote the non-slutty Halloween costume post, I’ve had a lot of readers offer their own suggestions for creative and not slutty costumes.  Here are some of them.  As always, if you want to add your own please do in the comment box!  Also, I’ll be doing a guest post soon for the Goodwill of Northern New England about Halloween costumes.  If you have any costumes you’d love to see come out of GW (Eva-make a Monopoly man costume, a Santa on Vacation costume, a Michelle Bachmann costume) let me know!  I’ll be shopping for many, many costumes soon and would love to put some together to show you guys.

Flo from the Progressive Ads
Magic 8 Ball
The sky
A baby
Kikkoman soy sauce packet
Morton salt girl
Gorton the frozen fish sticks guy
Crazy cat lady
Jackie O

Do I have the most amazingly creative readers or what??  Are you guys getting excited for Halloween and do you have any ideas for thrifted costumes that you’re planning?