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I found it. Actually I didn’t, my friend Lisa did.  We were shopping together at the Silver Lake Goodwill, which happens to have a huge Halloween section.  FYI it’s slightly pricey but really a lot cheaper than what you would pay at a costume store.  Anyway, we were flipping through some of the stuff, pulling out ridiculous skirts or the weirdo creepy baby doll covered in blood, when Lisa found The Most Bizarre Halloween Costume Ever Ever Ever everevereverer erere rf erg;ieqro;giah

Lisa is disturbed/shocked/intrigued at her find

What’s that, you ask?  Are you leaning closer to confirm your suspicion? Let me make it easier for you…

You were not mistaken.  It really truly is…


HOW CAN THIS BE???? I do not know.  But it is and it exists.

She bought it.

Lisa enthusiastically models her find

So for ten measly dollars, this work of art became Lisa’s.  I love her for buying it.  And of course, thank you, Goodwill, for never letting us down or failing to be great.

I can’t believe I just added ‘sperm bank’ as a tag.  Never thought…