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This week’s Nifty Thrifty Lesson:

Shopping with Siblings (And, how to set up your dressing room)

First of all: woooo!

Second of all: today I asked my brother, David, if he’d like to go thrifting with me.  I asked mostly as a joke, but to my immense surprise he said yes, so we set off to GW!

Excited to be thrifting on New Year’s Eve!

We walked in and it was hopping.

The 50% color today was grey
My brother had nooooooooooo idea what he was doing at first.  He followed me around for a while…which is typical for someone who doesn’t know how to thrift.  I finally sent him away after he said he was bored after 5 minutes.  He came back with this:

My brother, the glamour girl

He was clearly on the wrong track…….so I pointed him in the direction of the men’s stuff.  He ended up finding his own way, and I found him picking through the shirts.  So proud!

Goodwill was hopping!  I flipped through the shirts but didn’t find anything.  Then I went to the blazers and found three beautiful ones to try on.  The dresses were next, and I pulled out a few.

I decided it might be a good idea to show people how I set up my dressing room when I’m thrifting.  It’s really important to keep it all organized, especially when you have like 20 or 30 items.  I always separate my items by type, so all shirts get hung up together, all dresses, etc.

Skirts / Dresses / Blazers / Bathing suit

After I try them on I then separate them into three piles:

1. Definitely: things that you try on and immediately say “I LOVE THIS”

2. Maybe: things that you keep on a little bit longer, swish back and forth in the mirror, maybe try it on more than once

3. No: things that you either can’t get on, are way too big, you hate, you immediately say YUCK to

The things I put into the maybe pile I sort through again once I’ve tried everything else on.  I usually try them on again.  It’s important to be selective!  And there’s a reason they’re in the maybe pile.  If I can think of about 3 outfits I could use them in, then I might buy them.

I didn’t think my brother was going to be able to find anything…but while I was looking at the dresses he came up to me with a grin wearing a beautiful camel colored wool blazer.  It fit him like it was made for him!  He was stoked.  He also found a book called Stupid White Men.  Here he is, sitting in a cute plaid chair

He’s single, ladies!

So, we were finished!  David’s total came to $6…$5 for the blazer and the book was 50% off at just $1.  We researched the brand when we got home Amherst and Brock.  Looks like they tend to retail for quite a bit!  I found some for sale for $75, which David couldn’t believe.

My total came to about $27.  I bought a beautiful Calvin Klein dress for $15 and two blazers…one at $7 and one at $5.  Pictures of my finds are coming soon!  The CK dress I found…the tag was still on it, retailing for $235.  Here’s a picture of it:

That’s my thrifting adventure of the day!  Hope you had an equally enjoyable day.

Have an AMAZING New Year’s Eve!