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Every January we all do it: RESOLUTIONS!

Dusting off the treadmill, vowing to keep laundry off the floor, cutting down on booze.  But my favorite resolution (for other people to make): cleaning out the house.  This means a huge influx of clothing, kitchenware, furniture, everything, to thrift stores all around.  Oh, and people want to make their tax-deductable donations.  I would say right about…..now! is a great time to go thrifting.  Thanks, New Years!

If you’re one of those people planning to clean out and donate, check out this super cool interactive feature Goodwill has. You put in what you’re planning to donate and it gives you the amount of time of career counseling you’re providing for people. Pretty nifty!

Also, putting thrifting on your resolution list is a great idea.  Thrifting can help you:

  1. Save money!!!!!!!!!!  Probably at the top of everyone’s resolution list.
  2. Be greener.  By buying secondhand clothing, you’re eliminating clothes (and furniture etc.) that might otherwise end up in a landfill.  Saving the earth!
  3. Develop a more personal (and versatile) wardrobe.  That one of a kind dress you just found?  Yeah, no one else is gonna have that.
  4. Losing weight?  (or gaining weight?) thrifting is a great option for clothes shopping because while you’re in between sizes you don’t want to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe!
  5. Engage with your community.  Many thrift stores employ people with vocational challenges…shopping at them helps create a stronger community.  Many are also non-profits that advocate for great causes, like HIV awareness and testing.
  6. Turn you into a THRIFTING GODDESS
If you’re interested in learning how to thrift this year, please show my blog some love.  More ideas for me?  Share below!