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I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve been on my beloved blog!!!  I had to take a lengthy hiatus while I finished up my last semester in college as blogging is incredibly time consuming…I was taking 5 classes, had an internship at the amazing AIDS Project Los Angeles, worked part time at a used clothing store and as a tutor at school, and also was an active member of my sorority.  WHEWWWW it’s all over!  And it was well worth it as I passed my senior comprehensives with distinction and got a 4.0 this semester, which was my goal :) so to put the past 6 months into bullet points….


We did it!! Caps in the air.

  • I GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I now work at an amazing used clothing store
  • I have a big surprise coming up in August :)))
  • The Boyfriend and I are still together and going strong <3
  • I decided to take a year off and then pursue my Masters in Public Health, hopefully at Boston University (fingers crossed!)

But don’t worry, because I’ve been thrifting the whole time I’ve been away.  Actually, now that I’m working at a buy/sell/trade store I’ve been getting a lot of my clothing there, which is great because it’s also just so cheap.  But I still spend a lot of time at GW.  In fact…………..I went today!  I decided to go to the one in Glendale because the Eagle Rock one has been a dud recently.  I found some amazing stuff…

I found this vintage (aka 80’s/90’s haha) Givenchy carpet duffle bag.  I also found the matching garment bag but I didn’t get it (maybe I should have?)  This was $14.99…a little more than I tend to spend but I think it’s just adorable and perfect for a weekend trip!  Is it real? I’m not 100% sure because I suck at figuring that out unless it’s perfectly obvious.  I can’t find it on the internet except for on this Etsy shop.


I also found this pretty BCBG Max Azria dress for $7.99.  Again, I can’t find the exact one online but here is a similar dress.  Mine also has that adorable gather detail.  They almost always retail for over $100, but the one mine is similar to retails for $178. I love it!!

Next up is a leather Talbots waist belt that is cream, but my shitty iPhone makes it look pinkish.  It was $3.99 and again can’t find it online exactly but their belts usually retail for $40.

Next up!  An adorable worn leather handbag by Nordstrom.  Not sure how much it would retail for…I got it for $9.99.  I love leather that looks beat up.

In the bottom right picture there is a little hook on the inside of the bag (it got chopped off by the picture app I’m using).  Anyone know what it’s for?  I’m assuming for holding keys?

Also I got a really nice button down in a teal color by Theory for $4.99.  Theory is very expensive so the shirt definitely retails for over $150.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep it or not.  These pictures did not come out well at all!

And some BDG (Urban Outfitters) pants in a mustard color.  They’re not really a summer color but I think they’ll be really cute in the fall with black shoes and a cream button down tucked in.  They were $7.99 and they usually retail for like $49.  They make my butt look good haha.

And finally, I found a pair of Joe’s Jeans for $7.99.  Goodwill has more and more been doing this annoying thing where they actually look at the clothes people donate to them (WHYYYY) and price them according to brand.  So instead of being able to buy designer jeans for the same price as all the other jeans, they’re pricing them higher at $15, $20 and even $25.  It irritates me >:( so when I find some that they didn’t price high I’m always ecstatic.  These are way too long for me so I can’t decide if I’m going to make them into skinny jeans or hem them. They’re the Muse fit and retail for about $178.

Should we add it all up? If we’re going by the most expensive prices possible (why not)…(I put the Givenchy bag at 30 because I just have no idea, and the Nordstrom one at 50 because again, no idea)


But I got it for $55…saving $621 (potentially, if my calculations are correct).  Worth an hour and a half of shopping.

I missed you guys and I’m going to be blogging all summer.  Can’t wait to hear about your finds!!!  Please feel free to share them!