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So! I haven’t done any thrifting recently.  I’ve been a terrible thrifter the past week or so.  I do have some thing you guys haven’t seen yet so look forward to pictures!  It’s difficult because (believe it or not) I don’t own a camera…I know, I know, how does anyone, let alone a 22 year old with a blog, not own a camera?  Alas, it is so, and therefore most to all pictures have been taken with either my crappy iPhone or The Boyfriend’s nicer iPhone.  The pictures just don’t turn out as nice as they did when I was using my brother’s digital SLR last summer (surprise, right?) so I get discouraged when I have to take pictures of things I find and then spend a long time editing them so that you can even see the colors……..so that’s one of my excuses for being a bad blogger: not having a camera.  It’s not really a bad excuse when you think about it…..


This weekend I went up to Washington and got to see a lot of my amazing family.  I didn’t do any thrifting (although my incredible Aunt Jan offered to take me to the Goodwill near her house!  Should have taken her up on it….) but I did pass a ‘name your price’ thrift store.  I almost had a heart attack but The Boyfriend said we couldn’t stop >:( Has anyone ever been to a name your price thrift store before??? It honestly sounds like heaven on earth to me.

Anyone find anything great this weekend?  Please share!  We’d all love to see :)