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So, a few weeks ago I mentioned that there was something big coming up in The Boyfriend and my’s life…

We’re moving to Boston!!!!!!!

He is going to BU to get his Masters in Medical Sciences, and I am taking a year off of school before I start school again (still working out what I’ll be going back to school for…public health? nursing? we’ll see!)

I’m excited for so many things…I had to make a list.  (I love lists)

1. THE EAST COAST!!! I miss it more than I can explain.  Some people aren’t cut out for LaLaLand and I think I’m one of those people.
2. Seasons.  There are nooo seasons in LA.  I miss cool falls with crunchy leaves on the sidewalks, and snow and hot chocolate and the smell of pine trees, and daffodils blooming not in January and flowering trees and mud. Thunderstorms!
3. The Red Sox.  I’m excited to be back in a state where you can ask any gas station attendant what the sox score was and they’ll tell you every detail of the game.
4. Fall clothes. Since living in Southern California I’ve been wearing jean shorts and tank tops pretty much every day.  I miss cozy sweaters and comfy boots!
5. Fireflies.  Dumb, maybe? But fireflies were always such a crucial part of summer! Catching them, watching them, chasing them…
6. Good public transportation.  Public Transportation in LA is just terrible.  I won’t need a car in Boston…I can’t believe that’s even possible.
7. Last but not least (and not the last thing either..) my family.  I get to see them only once or twice a year, so being a three hour drive instead of a seven hour plane trip is going to be incredible.

Oh wait.  NEW THRIFTING SITES!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been scouring the internet for new places to thrift (although I like to just stumble upon them too).  Anyone know about thrifting in Boston?