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We have two problems living in this house.

1. None of the windows have curtains, letting too much sun in, making us hot and waking us up at sunrise.  Curtains are expensive/hard to put up when you’re renting.
2. We don’t have a real or comfortable area to sit and use our laptops.  Most of the time they’re on our laps, and as anyone who uses their laptops on their laps, THEY GET HOT! Why are they called laptops if they can’t go on your lap.


I was at GW the other day and I found two solutions in unexpected forms…

1. Paint-by-numbers rooster painting : $2.99
2. Metal TV dinner tray (NASCAR inspired) : $1.99

The Rooster, as we fondly call the painting, does an excellent job as a curtain replacement.  The TV dinner tray not only fits my laptop perfectly, allowing the fans to work or whatever, but also fits comfortable over my legs. PROBLEMS SOLVED!

Necessary pictures

And the laptop tray