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I know this blog is supposed to be primarily about thrifting, but I just have to share something with you all.  For about six years I’ve been dealing with some really strange symptoms…sporadic rashes (hives I was told), random joint and muscle pain, breathing issues, and even more random GI problems.  The rashes were my main complaint, however, since I would get 5 or 6 a day and they’re not pretty.  They look like a spot of sunburn that shows up randomly and itches like crazy.  They only last 3-20 minutes though.  I’ve been to so many doctors I can’t even count all of them.  I’ve been tested for everything from Lupus to Lyme’s Disease, everything coming back negative.  I went to an allergist and tested negative for EVERYTHING.  The last doctor told me it was probably an autoimmune reaction that I would never find the cause for.  The whole process has been incredibly frustrating.  So I just dealt with it, but you know when something is wrong with you.

Finally, last week, I decided to try avoiding gluten while The Boyfriend was in Boston finding us an apartment with my mom.  Within two days my breathing was better, and by the end of the week I realized that I’d only had one rash.  ONE!!!!!!!!

The Boyfriend came back and we went out to dinner. I had a gluten free dinner but then had a beer with him.  I immediately broke out in three rashes.  That was a pretty good test for me, so I’ve been avoiding gluten since then.  This morning we decided to do another test since it’s been about a week and a half.  I had a piece of toast for breakfast, and within five minutes I got one rash on my hand and another on my calf and my bottom lip is itchy.

Sooooo I’m gluten intolerant.  Although self diagnosed.

I’m curious if anyone else has dealt with gluten sensitivities or intolerances, or celiac.  Any tips? I’m new to this, so I can use all the help I can get!