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WOW these past few days have been a combination of whirlwind and steady traveling.  James and I made it through New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and are currently in Michigan.

And somehow I have not thrifted once.

We do get up early and spend all day driving, usually getting to our next stop after everything has closed.  I’m still itching to go, though.  Tomorrow we head to Mississagua  in Canada, and we’ll be there for two days, so I will be lovingly accompanied by drag James to some places with me.

I also am hoping that tomorrow we’ll have some time in the morning to check out some thrift stores in Ann Arbor.

chili peppers hanging in albuquerque


James brought his guitar for spontaneous playing

DELICIOUS St. Louis BBQ at Pappy’s Smokehouse

At the arch <3