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The Boyfriend and I have made it all the way to Vermont (YAY!) and we DID get to go thrifting.  We stayed in Ann Arbor for a night and the next day we went to two really cool thrift stores.  The first one was called ReUse Center and it had EVERYTHING for sooo cheap.

At first James wandered around like he usually does, but then I showed him where the books were and he sat down and went through them for a long time.  He’s really into classics and found soo many books to add to his growing collection.

The store is massive and incredibly cheap.  It has everything you could ever think of, and the prices are simple…



“treasure mart” so cute :)

If you go to a re-use type store, prices can seem tricky to find.  You have to look on walls and on cabinets sometimes:

These types of stores are also really cool because you can buy all the salvaged parts of houses…tiles, windows, etc.

We ended up with these treasures for $7.  James got his classics, and I got some Russian books as well as some books on sign language.  Can you tell we love languages?

Our next stop was a store right next door

They had all kinds of stuff too!  And were very organized.




but we didn’t have much space in the van, so we came away with books again.  These were so cheap also, only 50 cents a piece.


All in all it was really fun and we got some great deals!