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The Boyfriend and I have officially moved into our new apartment in Boston!  So far everything has gone beyond smoothly…which is weird…because when you’re moving you’re always expecting everything to go wrong.  But it didn’t!  Our apartment is a super cozy corner apartment in the South End (which is a really cool place) with windows and even a fire escape thing outside the window, which is obviously every city livers dream because they are soooooo cool!

A lot of our apartment has been decorated with thrifted stuff from Goodwill and other places like ReCycle North and Barge Canal Market in Burlington, VT.  I’ll share some pictures, even though it’s not all totally done.

Thrifted table near the door

My mom got this cool sign for me…it holds keys and notes near the door

Magnets hold up keys

I bought this flower frog from the Rose Bowl Flea Market. It holds pens!

This adorable table was from Goodwill for $1.99, along with the clock for $2.99.

A teal filing cabnet holds all of our stuff.  They retail for around $200 but I got it for $20

I painted the part that tells you whats in each drawer (what is that called?!?) with chalkboard paint…now I just need some chalk!

I love this cabinet! And the color!

Stringed lights above the bed, with paper lanterns I got at Goodwill for 99 cents

They really lighten up the bedroom, which is small and painted gray…

So that’s the apartment so far! It’s really easy to furnish your area with cheap stuff from thrift stores…it takes a little time to find things to put together, but everything has a little more character I think.  Also, you can end up saving a ton of money!