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Today I went to the Goodwill Outlet (I’m too tired to do a full post on that but WOW it is something) where prices are so cheap it’s absolutely crazy.  Basically everything is in big blue bins and you just dig through till you find something.  And did I ever find something….I didn’t take pictures because I was so mad so you’ll just have to trust me that I found ONE Marc Jacobs rain boot and ONE Lanvin flat.


I spent so long digging through gross bins to find their mates and alas never were they found.  So utterly disappointing.  I mean LANVIN HELLOOOOOOO they retail for $550 AND IT FIT!!!!!!!  It’s like the thrifting gods were cursing me today.

I found a picture of the flat I found –

Anyway, I did come home with Sam Edelman Delancey flats for $7, which are really cute  and retail for $104 (not my picture, I’m too lazyyy)

SAM EDELMAN Delancey Flats Shoes Purple Womens - Click Image to Close

And these jeans by Citizens of Humanity for $7, which retail for $215.  The flare look doesn’t look so great on me because I actually and technically should wear ‘s’ sizes (short) and there’s always 3-4 inches of extra material at the bottom of my jeans.  I’m not short at 5’6″ but legs sure as hell are.  I saw a really cool tutorial about how to turn flared jeans into skinnies and I think I might try it with these.  She also has a tutorial about how to finish your jeans with the original hem.  The butt pockets are kinda wild but I like them. Also they just don’t look that great in this picture……..

Citizens of Humanity 'Arrowhead' Flare Stretch Jeans (Westpoint Wash)

All in all I spent $14 on what would have been $319 (96% savings if I did my math correctly, which I probably didn’t) so I’m definitely happy but I’m still so upset over the Lanvin flats so I’m probably just going to eat ice cream and cry the rest of the night.  Also I need my first paycheck so I can keep up with my thrifting habit ;)