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Ok, Halloween has got to be one of the weirdest/most awesome holidays we celebrate.  And by ‘we’ I mean the whole world.  Also possibly my most favorite.

So, many of you may remember my ranting post from last year about putting a little effort into your costumes and not going as say, a sexy Finding Nemo

I mean, really?????????????????????????????????

That aside, here are some ideas that are easy to put together and still clever.  I am positive that you could get all of them from thrift stores.  Some are easy and some are difficult, some are for groups, some are for couples, some are silly, some are serious.  All are awesome and leave you with no excuses.  Each have their necessary aspects listed.

1. Rosie the Riveter
Necessary Aspects
Denim shirt (or denim onsie!)
Red and white polka dot bandana

2. Morton Salt Girl
Necessary Aspects
Yellow Dress (just above knee, preferably long sleeves)
Yellow flats (mary jane style is perfect)
Blue umbrella
Big tub of salt (it would be so easy to take an oatmeal tub or something and print out a Morton salt label!)

3. William and Kate (couples costume!) (could even include Pippa!)
Necessary Aspects
Kate: white wedding dress with long sleeves, tiara, veil
William: black pants, red blazer, blue sash, leather belt, yellow trimming

4. Gorton’s Fish Sticks guy
Necessary Aspects
Yellow rain gear-hat, coat
Blue turtleneck/sweater
Ships wheel (would be so cool!)

5. Pack of crayons (group costume! these girls look awesome)
Necessary Aspects
Matching tops and bottoms, like leggings and long sleeve shirts, or onsies
Party hats
Black shoes
(write ‘crayon’ or ‘crayola’ down your torso)


6. Ninja Turtles (another great group costume, takes a little more time)
Necessary Aspects
Green outfits/paint body green
‘Shell’ stomach and back (TURTLE BACKPACKS!)
Yellow, red, blue, purple eye bandanas, wrist bands, knee bands
Brown belts with D, R, L, or M

7. Toddlers and Tiaras
Necessary Aspects
BIG pouffy prom type dress (pin the layers up to make it ‘cupcake’-esque)
White socks and white shoes
Sash (saying ‘grand supreme’ or the like)
LOTS of make up and huge hair

8. Obnoxious (see: American) Tourist
Necessary Aspects
Cargo/chino type shorts
Safari shirt/hawaiian print shirt/I <3 NY shirt
Fanny pack
Safari hat
High white socks
Sneakers/hiking shoes


9. Where’s Waldo?
Necessary Aspects
Red and white striped long sleeve shirt
Blue pants
Red and white beanie
Cane (wtf though)
Brown shoes

10. Banksy’s Flower Thrower (would take some time but be fucking awesome)
Necessary Aspects
Black top (with white parts painted on)
White pants (with black parts painted on)
Black hat backwards
Black bandana around mouth
Black sneakers
Bouquet of flowers with white paper
(paint showing part of face white, hands white and black)

sounds impossible but I saw a picture of someone who did it and it looked amazing