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One of my best friends and one of the most amazing people in the world, Lisa, is studying abroad in Amsterdam this semester.

Hi Lisa!

She and I used to go thrifting in LA together, and she recently let me know that she’s carrying on the tradition abroad.  That makes me so happy!!!  Apparently the thrifting in the Netherlands is fucking awesome (just realized the connection of ‘Netherlands’ and ‘nether regions’…low down?) She shared with me some of her amazing finds.

“these gloves fit me perfectlyyy. They were a little more expensive at 3 euros but they’re super warm and perfect for when it starts getting freezing/snowy!”

(I love how 3 euros is expensive for us :D)

“1 euro at the outdoor market – I really needed a small purse for going out, it’s perfect! just one pocket, super small and easy to pack for weekend trips!”

“Got this sweater in the 1 euro pile at Out of the Closet ”

“got these for 5 euro at the same market :)”

(I personally ADORE those booties.  They are, quite literally, adore-able)

“this shirt cost 1 euro at the outdoor market I went to! I’m hoping I can use an iron when my parents are here and at a hotel haha”

I think all of Lisa’s finds are great!  Thrifting while abroad can be really fun.  And since the dollar is so weak, it’s a great way to go shopping in other countries without going broke.  Lisa-I love you and miss you and am super proud of your treasures!