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Yesterday was James’ 23rd birthday!  It was all in all a great day.  He’s very busy with grad school, so we kept the day low key and will go out for drinks during the weekend with friends.

It started with cinnamon roll donuts with cream cheese icing for breakfast.  Except I don’t have a donut well so I just made them (gluten free) in a muffin tin and they came out amazing.  So so so so delicious!  You pour melted butter and brown sugar in the tin first, so they have crunchy brown sugar on the outside.

Mmmmmm.  James is a messy eater.

He went off to class and I finished up some things.

DIY Road trip/birthday Card

This is a really cute way to remember a trip that you did together.  Our road trip was one of the best things we’ve done together as a couple, so I wanted to incorporate it into the card.  I outlined our route with a simple embroidery stitch and just used plain printer paper because it’s all I had, but a slightly thicker paper would work better.

1. Print out a map. I chose a simple line map of the States.  I also chose to draw little hearts at each of the cities we stayed in.

2. Stitch away!  I chose a backstitch.  Here is a great tutorial if you’re not sure how to do it.

3. Outline.  I decided to outline the map in pen to make it a little less…printer-y

Ta da! Super easy, very cute.

Then he came home from class and we opened presents.

Guitar tuner!  Not very exciting but sorely needed…

It immediately went into action.

And we won $11 in scratch offs!

After presents we went out to an amazing dinner at the Capital Grille.  No pictures…sorry.  It was a great, relaxing, and happy birthday for James.  We of course wish it could have been with his family but they sent him the cutest picture saying happy birthday, so it felt like they were close.