Let’s start Friday Favorites!  Not that anyone cares but because of alliteration.

Also sorry I haven’t been around.  I’ve been busy figuring out my life.  We all know how that goes…



Recent Thrifted Find

I have two.  My Calvin Klein wedges, which are not exactly recent but bought within a few weeks.  Metallic shoes seem to go with everything and I’ve worn them almost every shift at The Restaurant (where I’m currently working).  Also my Sam Edelman skimmers.  Anyone who thrifts for their wardrobe knows that it can be difficult to keep up with trends and it’s fun when something I buy just so happens to currently be trendy.  I’ve seen skimmers all over the place and I like them a lot!


Thrift Store

Right now I can’t get enough of the Goodwill on Harrison Ave. in Boston.  The deals are great and they constantly have fabulous brands.


Can’t stop listening to my Soggy Bottom Boys Pandora station!


SQUASH.  It’s so fall-y :) Tonight The Boyfriend and I had butternut (hubbard) squash roasted in the oven with onion, sausage, and GF pasta. YUM.

Pinterest Project

I’M ADDICTED TO PINTEREST. And I’m obsessed with this DIY using a leather or suede jacket and leather belts to create adorable totes.  I’m sure I need a special needle for my mom’s sewing machine but I’m willing to go the extra mile…

A thrift store suede jacket + a belt + a tote pattern.


;) any vermonter can appreciate this

Outfit Inspiration

midi skirt workwear

Flowy skirt, cozy sweater, and leather jacket.


Currently reading The Girl Who Played with Fire, which is the second book in the Dragon Tattoo trilogy.

What are your favorite things this week?  Let’s share!!!