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Today I went to the Goodwill Outlet store that’s about a mile from my house.  I will do a more in-depth post about how to shop at outlet stores, but a short version is that there are just bins of clothes and you sort through them

and sort through them

and sort through them

until you find something.  And every piece of clothing is $1.75. EVERY PIECE OF CLOTHING!  Books are all 50 cents. Etc.

It’s pretty overwhelming at first but I just put in my headphones and sort methodically. Today I found a couple cool things :D which is very exciting because something I go and walk away with absolutely nothing.




The Boyfriend is such a good sport!  Yeah it needs to be ironed and properly tucked buttttt I found this great Banana Republic shirt that retails for $79.50. Similar here.


I found this J Crew short sleeve cardigan for myself.

It’s a creamy oatmeal color made from cotton.  I can’t find something exactly similar but this is the closest I could find.  Retails for $54.50.

I found another J Crew sweater, bought it, looked it up, and I think it’s a men’s sweater.  OH WELL.  It’s cozy :) It’s a long cardigan made from Alpaca and Wool with a shawl collar.  There is supposed to be a belt but I don’t need it.  (The belt is also what makes me dubious about the man-ness of it [in terms of conventional men’s fashion])

The sweater retails for $118 and I believe this is it.

And lastly I got these J Brand jeans.  They are WAY too long and therefore I think a good candidate to turn into skinnies!  I think I’ll take on the project over Thanksgiving when I’m around a sewing machine.

I’m not positive but I believe they’re the Lexington in Pure, which retails for $178.  Also, these jeans are 5% polyester and 1% spandex so you can imagine how comfortable they are.

SO! My favorite part!

I spent $7.  Everything all together retails for $430.  That means I saved $423, which is 98% savings.  98.37% if you’re counting ;)

Any thrifting luck this week? Share!