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Recent Thrifted Find

My J Crew Shawl Collar sweater. So cozy :) and such a great find…only $1.75! Retails for $118.  Unfortunately the weather in Boston just got super hot so I’ll have to tuck it away until it dips down again.


Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros station on Pandora!


Black bean soup with bacon, corn, and tomatoes.  The Boyfriend and I made it the other night and it’s SO GOOD.  Also really good as a dip with tortilla chips.  Here is the recipe.

Pinterest Project

This totally adorable map project!  The hearts are around places you’ve been together.  I’m on the search for a vintage map of the US to do something like this for our road trip we took this past summer.

...map hearts of all the places you have been together, or want to go... by ashleyw


The time will pass anyway.

Outfit Inspiration

Mirror of Fashion: OUTFIT OF THE DAY // SHORTCUT

Did you find anything cool this week you’d like to share?