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Friday favorites time!


Recent Thrifted Find

Well…I haven’t been thrifting since last Friday (because believe it or not…$7 a week adds up, haha) and I’m fucking poor.  But I did buy this book for 50 cents at the Goodwill Outlet the last time I was there.  I almost consider it fate, because this was the third time I’ve seen this book at a thrift store.  Every time I came across it I considered buying it, but always decided against it.  I saw it sitting in a giant bin of books and decided it was meant to be!  It’s the Reader’s Digest Complete Do-it-yourself Manual from 1973.  Now, especially with Pinterest, everybody is obsessed with DIY projects (a lot of which are absolutely ridiculous and stupid…) but this is the REAL DEAL DIY. DIY means do it yourself.  Meaning, you could have paid someone else to do it for you or you could have bought it in a store, but because you’re a poor ass graduate thrifty and resourceful person, you decided to do it yourself, to DIY.  Today there are all these dumb ‘DIY’ projects, like DIY puffs of tulle (wtf?).


This book tells you how to literally do anything and everything yourself, from fixing a leak in a wall to making your own concrete to laying ceramic tile floors.  Of course, some of it is now obsolete, being that it’s almost 40 years later, but it’s still fascinating.  You can buy the book on ebay and etsy and other online places, prices ranging from $5-$15.

different types of nuts and bolts

unclogging a drain

how to drill ceramics/glass

toys and playthings for children

I especially love my copy because it has someone’s post it note flags on certain projects



Sara Bareilles “Many the Miles”.  I’d only heard her pop stuff, but she came up on my Grace Potter and the Nocturnals Pandora station and she actually has a wonderful voice!


Mike’s City Diner on Washington St.  The food is incredible and so cheap!

Pinterest Project

omg cutest birthday idea ever. balloons for the number of years, pictures attached (and numbered) of the age of that number.  picture #1, 1 year old etc. what a way to wake up :)

This adorable birthday balloons project found here.


LOL (especially for phoneticians/phonologists)

Probably only linguistics people will understand that.

Outfit Inspiration

comfy sweater fancy skirt


Currently reading the third in the ‘Dragon Tattoo’ series, The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.  It’s excellent!  I really want to be Lisbeth Salander for Halloween…