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Long story short I’m terrified for this winter to start.  I haven’t fully prepared myself for layers, no sunlight, and seeing my breath.  I’ve been living in year round sun for so long that I can’t even imagine winter.

I won’t lie…I picked my school in Los Angeles simply for the weather. And the scholarship money. But mostly the sun. Like a lot of people I feel better emotionally and physically in the summer. I’m somehow now sick for the third time since moving here.  Always starts with a sore throat and fever and ends in bronchitis.


I’m complainy today.

So anyway, my mom (who taught me my dumpster diving skillz skills) found these really cool window boxes during Trash Day in Boston.  I capitalize it because I LOVE Trash Day. People throw away the most hilarious stuff and, unlike in LA, it all goes onto the street for me to laugh at.  And sometimes take.  I found a huge and amazing piece of tempered glass on the street with beveled edges that would have been perfect for the lobster trap table.  Alas, The Boyfriend hurried us to dinner and when we came back some other vulture had snatched it up.

Also yes, I’ll probably end up being a hoarder and/or bag lady some day.

Back to my point. I’m thinking that instead of plants because fucking winter is coming, I could drill them up next to the door and keep all of our gloves and socks and hats etc in them.  I know…soOoOoOo Pinterest.  Right now they’re sitting on the fire escape, waiting to be used.

They also tend to be really expensive, (as this scientific Google Shopping search proves) so I’m surprised someone was getting rid of them.  Obviously they just weren’t clever enough to think to repurpose them like ME.

If only I hadn’t dropped my drill out of the window and onto the roof of the scary church next door to us…

Hi, drill.