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Nifty Thrifty Lesson on Wish Lists

I bet every thrifter has one of these, whether in her head or written down.  It’s essentially a list of things that you hope to stumble upon someday for a GREAT price.  Of course you could probably go out and simply buy all of these things retail, but it’s the hunt of the perfect item at the perfect price that is so exhilarating!  I adore that feeling when you see something that’s on your wish list, walk calmly (or not) over to it, and have that THIS IS IT! moment.

Here are my key elements of a wish list:

  • Instead of a shopping list, which can leave you frustrated when you don’t find everything on it in one go, a wish list stays with you as you check things off over the years.
  • Let your wish list be as specific as you want.
  • Expect and accept that your wish list may take your entire life to complete.
  • DO NOT SETTLE.  Be as picky as you possibly want.
  • Usually I keep clothing off of my wish list and instead go in with the attitude to try on whatever catches my eye.

I keep my wish list in my head and have actually never written it down, but I’ll share it with you, and it would be fun for others to share their wish lists in the comments!

My Thrifting Wish List

peeling yellow or turquoise antique hutch
vintage brass birdcage
school lockers
vintage chemistry supplies
vintage anatomy poster (especially in different language)
old wire baskets


vintage turquoise typewriter
lobster trap table
vintage dress form (although…I left it in LA as it didn’t fit in the van…)
mason jars
vintage Russian books
glass flower frog

What’s on your thrifting wish list?