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Over the summer The Boyfriend and my mom met up in Boston to find us an apartment.  They spent days in an incredibly stressful and competitive situation and ended up finding us an amazing apartment.  It has three huge windows in the living room with gorgeous sun every morning.  I thought, why not take advantage of this?  When I was a kid I was obsessed with growing seeds and plants, so I did some research on growing lettuce greens indoors during the winter.

How to plant green indoors

Turns out it couldn’t be easier!  Here’s what you need:

Plastic containers from takeout, lettuce greens, etc.
Seeds, I am growing arugula and mesclun mix
Soil, I bought Black Gold soil on Amazon
Sunlight and water

All you have to do is put about three to four inches of soil in the containers.

how to plant greens indoors

Add some water and make sure the soil is moist before you plant the seeds.

Follow the instructions on your seed packets, but for mine I just sprinkled them over the soil and then put a very thin layer of soil on top (about 1/4 inch).  The great thing about the containers is that you can close the lid (if it doesn’t have a label on it) and use it like a greenhouse.

Water very lightly again and watch your seeds sprout in just a few days!!!

My baby seeds! Mesclun mix seedlings


I can’t wait till I can start eating mine.  I read that after a few weeks you can literally take scissors and give your lettuce a haircut and then let it keep growing! YUM!

how to plant greens indoors