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I suck. I know.  I haven’t written in a month or so and I feel terrible.  It’s been a combination of me being sick, busy, and feeling less than creative.  It’s not that plenty hasn’t happened in my life but honestly who wants to sit and read a blog about my life?


Those of you in the northeast have also been hit by Nemo.


And I took my day off from work (I work at a school so I still get snowdays!) to do a small project to put up here.

A long time ago I bought this blazer at a Goodwill in Vermont.  I honestly don’t even remember how much it was, but probably around $6.  I wouldn’t necessarily call it vintage, but it’s not a current style.  I can’t really find it online.  It’s a wool and spandex blend (strange?) and it has funny purple stitching on the inside.  If I had to guess I would say it retails for at least $100.

How to Alter a Thrift Store Blzer

I bought it in a size 10 although I wear a 6 or an 8.  Since I’m, well, larger in the bust, buying things larger and tailoring them down in the arms and waist is what I’m supposed to do, but never do.  After owning this blazer for a few years I decided to take on the project!

What You’ll Need

Measuring tape
Fabric pencil (or honestly, any pencil or pen)
Sewing machine



1. Measure

Turn the blazer inside out and measure it against a blazer that fits you well with your pencil.  OR put it on inside out and pin it while on your body.  This is the most important step (besides pinning) and you should take your time here.  I’ve ruined too many projects by eyeballing.  Don’t only lay your blazer on top of the other and mark! You should measure the width of your marks and the width of the actual jacket to make sure it’s right.

2. Pin


How to Alter a Thrift Store Blazer

3. Sew

I almost feel like an idiot for posting this because it’s so easy.  I started with the sleeves and then sewed the body.  I sewed them separately to give it more strength.

4. Try on

I bet it looks great!

5. Finishing touches

If you’re satisfied, you can cut your extra fabric off, serge, and iron the seam open so it lies flat.

I could possibly take

mine in a little more, but I’m quite satisfied with it!  The change is subtle but I think it makes a huge difference. You can really see it in the side view. I look like hell so I’m not showing it with an outfit.  I will later, though!

How to Alter a Thrift Store Blazer

before and after side