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Here’s a fun easy DIY project for the weekend…mini clothespin picture display!

It’s so simple it barely needs written instructions so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Mini clothespins


1. Print out your pictures.  If you have a Mac, iPhoto can easily layout all your pictures for you! No dealing with Word.

2. Print out and cut out all your pictures

3. Cut your string/twine/wire and lay out the pictures how you want them spaced

4. Get out your mini clothespins.  I got mine in the dollar section of Target.

4 1/2. Squee over how fucking adorable mini clothespins are

5. Clip your pictures on the string and repeat with however many pictures you have

6. Tie mini nails on the ends of the string.  Make a knot, insert nail, pull tight.

















7. Hammer, trim and admire!