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I saw this project on Pinterest and knew that I had to try it.  Refashioning, turning some piece of clothing into another, is really popular right now and I’ve been wanting to try it out for myself for a while.  Unfortunately I’m lacking in the sewing skills department so forgive me!  Anyway, here is the step by step process!

1. Find a skirt.  It should be a floor length skirt to allow enough length to be a dress.  I chose a skirt made from Rayon, but other fabrics would be fine!  Also make sure that it has enough room to fit your body in it.

blah skirt!

2. Cut the top hem/elastic/whatever off.  Try to do it as evenly as possible.

3. The original project tells you to measure 10 inches down the side seams to create a 9 inch arm hole.  I found that arm holes this size were way too big and I had to make them smaller in the end.  So I would say measure down 7 inches or so.

4. Cut the seams down the sides however many inches down you measured.  I couldn’t find a seam ripper so I used scissors and it was fine.

5. Sew up the arm hole seams.

6. You want to make a tunnel for the ribbon to go through. Fold down the top hem 1/2 inch and pin it.  Then fold it down another 1/2 inch and repin it, taking out the original pins as you go.  Do this for the front and back of the dress.  Then sew it up!

7. Attach a safety pin to a ribbon and inch worm it through the tunnel.  How you want your final ribbon straps to end up is up to you.  Originally I had them become bows on the shoulders but I didn’t like the way that looks so I just sewed them together and put the hemmed parts inside the tunnel so that you couldn’t see them.

TADA! that’s it!  I put a ribbon around the waist to avoid the potato sack look.  What do you guys think?


before and after skirt to dress